Triad Job Search Network (TJSN) was started by Dr. Jane Walters, a career counselor, in Greensboro in the late 80’s. She had a government grant to help the unemployed in Greensboro. It met for several years under her direction in the YMCA in downtown Greensboro.

At some point the grant was terminated and Dr. Walters let the members continue the meetings on their own direction. There were approximately 6 men who continued to meet and lend support to each other while they were going through the unemployment process.

The group relocated its meeting place to the Covenant United Methodist Church on Skeet Club Road in High Point in the early 90’s. TJSN still meets there today.

TJSN is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting local residents in their job search.  The purpose of TJSN is to offer tips and advice on how to start and finish your search for the right job. It provides an opportunity to network with other local professionals, grow a garden of contacts and learn how to target companies of your choice.

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