Kyles’ Files – Look What I Found

Please see what reflections you may have from Matthew 13:44; one verse with much to teach us; with a sermon theme of “Look What I Found!”

Parables of Jesus have been the theme for Summer, 2016, at Covenant. We conclude this Sunday, August 21st, with the final contribution from Matthew. The point of the day will be a summary-of-a-kind of all the Parables visited; that is, a note of what you may have discovered over the Summer that has helped you along your path, or that you have been enabled to assist others along theirs.

To say: “Look What I Found!” this Summer at Covenant that has leaned me towards becoming a better human being, like Jesus, the Example. He does teach and bring to recall so genuinely for our transformation and renewal of living these days. He leads us to discoveries of God, self and others. The spoken word and video-interviews will highlight our findings.

More to come.
See you Sunday.
Godspeed Kyles