Kyles’ Files – Live Generously

Luke 11:1-4; Acts 12: 5, 12-17. John 10:10b

This week begins our Stewardship emphasis at Covenant for 2017: October 23-November 20, 2016.
Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness are the 5 disciplines of stewardship of our faith.
Each of the 5 weeks will highlight one of the 5, and the summons to commitment.

All from the theme: “LEARNING TO LIVE GENEROUSLY.” What would Covenant look, sound and act like if we lived generously in our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness? Jesus and the Early Church will teach us.

We will learn all-the-more together.

This week, October 23: PRAYER. The entirety of the Worship Services will lead us to renewal of prayer at Covenant. Here is a hint: Mother Teresa arrived from India into Ottawa, Canada, on a world-mission tour in 1996. Working her way through Security at the Customs entrance, she was delayed. Why? She, along with a number of Missionaries of Charity with her, were questioned with the usual inquiries upon arrival: “Do you have any contraband? Fruits, vegetables? Other food items?” and etc. What caused the delay was this question:

“Mother Teresa, do you have any weapons?”

She answered quickly, “Yes!”, and enthusiastically. “What do you mean, Mother Teresa, WITH weapons?” The moment was tense, I am told. “Show us these weapons!” And the Security personnel began to unfold her 2 small satchels. She calmly and gracefully revealed what she had; “these are my PRAYERBOOKS!! ‘Weapons’ against poverty, injustice, racism, faithlessness, and the like!” Security let her pass.

An example of someone who was always “learning to live generously” through PRAYER! Indeed. Something of what Jesus meant when He said: “I have come to give life. Abundantly.”

More to come.
See you Sunday.