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A drift for Sunday, November 6th.

“LEARNING TO LIVE GENEROUSLY”    “You Can Change The World: A Generous Giver.”

Acts 20:13-17; 32-35; John 10:10b

The 3rd week of our Stewardship emphasis at Covenant 2017 is upcoming on the 6th.

Prayers, Presence, GIFTS, Service and Witness are the 5 disciplines of stewardship for the faith.

We are looking at each of these, one per week, through November 20, Pledge Sunday.

I hear folks are in appreciation of “Learning To Live Generously”, and making some adjustments, even transformation, of their days. Jesus and the Early Church continue to teach us.

This week, November 6th: GIFTS.

We will consider the words of Acts as Paul cites an interesting phrase: “remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, ’It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Very little research will conclude that Jesus never said those words, at least, in any references that can be found. So, what do you make of that? A hint: there were several phrases and sentences that the Early Church used as “watch-statements” that brought to recall the life and ministry of Jesus. This is one of them. It states the obvious about Jesus, and became a rallying-cry, if you will, for all who followed. The sentence became an echo that has sounded through the years to bring to holy remembrance of Jesus. It has, and does assist that discipline.

To say: GIFTS. One’s TIME, TALENTS, DREAMS, MONEY, HOPES, FUTURE, indeed ALL, will be on focus. A skit will re-introduce all of these once again at Covenant, and we will learn together that it is indeed “more blessed to give than to receive.” You may even change the world if you do!

More to come.
See you Sunday.