Kyles’ Files – Everything Happens for a Reason

We continue at Covenant with the “Half-Truths” Series, 2of 6.

Deuteronomy 30:19-20; John 10:10b(latter portion of that verse) as our Scriptures for this week.

We will consider this 1/2 truth: “Everything happens for a reason.” What about that statement? Where is the reference in Holy Scripture? What did Jesus say about this?

A number of sayings have emerged from our society over the years: “Que sera, sera” (what will be will be); “That was meant to be-not meant to be”; “what goes around comes around”(karma). And a host of others.

Are any of these sayings able to sustain us in our complex and often chaotic world? Let’s take another look. Holy Scripture leads us to some much-desired direction. Biblical tradition speaks profoundly of the hope and possibility in all of life’s situations, and notes the power in Jesus of Nazareth that enables our daily living.
More to come.
See you Sunday.