Kyles’ Files – Children

Please read and reflect on Matthew 19:13-15.

Promotion Sunday, Blessings of Backpacks, 2 Baptisms this Sunday are fueling our intentions for faithful Worship at Covenant.

So, a Scripture about children is exactly what the message brings to us.

What did Jesus think about children? How did Jesus treat children? You may recall that children were not highly regarded in those days. The old saying, “seen and not heard” is tame compared to the view of children in ancient
Palestine. It is hard for us to fathom those thoughts and actions when it comes to children in our day. Or is it all that hard? And yet, there were those, according to the Scripture, who brought those children to Jesus. And we may inquire: what brought them to Jesus, and why? Something of intense value and worth was seen, heard, felt and known in Jesus of Nazareth. It is incumbent upon us to do the same with children in 2016!

To say: a renewal of some things that draws folks to Jesus these days for the same value and worth for children, indeed, ALL of humanity!

More to come.
See you Sunday.