Why we give – a pastor’s letter

November 2018

Dear Covenant Friends and Members,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to be your lead pastor. Over my first year, you have blessed both Ellen and me with your love and support as you have allowed us to become a part of your lives. It is truly an honor and blessing to be part of such a warm and loving community that continues to lift us up each and every day. You have quickly become an indelible part of our lives and we thank God for you and for all the gifts that you bless us with on a continual basis.

What truly warms my heart is that l know that this is who you always have been: church that loves to give. Whether it is of your time, your talents, your money, or your service, for 29 years you have blessed others, you have blessed the world, but most importantly you have blessed God with your varied and wonderful gifts. As we are in a time of stewardship, I celebrate how your gracious giving has made Covenant a special place where God’s Kingdom continuously unfolds. You have been faithful stewards of all that God has blessed Covenant with, and because of that we can now begin to look at ministry and how we do ministry in new and exciting ways.

The one thing I am convinced of in my short time here is that, more than ever, God has called Covenant with all of its gifts to be a church on the move. We have not been called to be stagnant! Over the next months, we will be in real and intentional conversation about what new ministry can look like at Covenant. Those conversations begin right now. And I am personally inviting you to be a part of that conversation. No idea will be too small or too big. No dream will go unheard. I believe that God has put us together to dream and to dream big! When we are faithful to God and to the Kingdom, God will be faithful to us.

Throughout my life, I have found this to be true every single time. And I know it will be true for this moment we are in right now. I am challenging you to be a part of the new vision that God is going to be opening in front of our eyes because I truly believe that it will transform us into the church that we are called to be.

For us to be faithful to the vision that God will be unfolding means that all of us will be called upon to continue to be faithful stewards of what God blesses us with. On November 18, as we conclude our sermon series on how stewardship has defined our past, is defining our present, and will define our future, you will have the opportunity to present to God your financial pledges for the next year’ As your pastor, in conjunction with the stewardship team, I want it to be made clear that while giving financially is an important piece of stewardship, it is by no means the only piece of stewardship. On November 18, I will be challenging us in many different forms so that we are continuing to see stewardship in its totality. From challenging our prayer life, to being in the Word together, to being present in the moment, to giving our financial pledge, November 18 will be a day where you can respond, with all of your gifts, and say, “God, I am ready to be on the move…let’s go!” As your lead pastor, I know God is calling us in this very moment to be more than we already are. lf we take seriously the presence of God in every aspect of our lives something amazing will happen: God will have us on the move in ways that we could never even dreaml! For me as a pastor, there is nothing more exciting in this world!

You have been an important part of Covenant by your faithful stewardship. Through your time, your talents, your service, and your money you have helped to make Covenant an amazing place of God’s Kingdom on Earth. I now feel that we are called to take the next step and to make Covenant an even brighter place where God’s Kingdom will come alive not just on our campus, but throughout our community and world. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me! | look forward to the future walking hand in hand with you as God’s vision for us is unveiled. I invite each of you to begin that journey with me. LETS GET MOVING!


Darren W. Alexander